Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Band Conditions

In light of the current poor band conditions, I have decided to suspend the on air Forum until fall, probably sometime in October.

I will announce time and date here and on various other fora.

Thanks for your support.


Thursday, July 3, 2008


I got the idea for tonight’s topic from a who said the he recently had his pet dog put to sleep because it was very old and suffering terribly from arthritis. He couldn’t bear to see this suffering and putting the dog to sleep was the only humane thing to do.

If putting suffering pets to sleep is considered the humane thing to do, but humans are forced to suffer all sorts of horrors until natural death occurs, then we seem to have a problem with the word humane.

Animals are treated humanely but humans are treated barbarically.


There is a general notion that human life is sacred or somehow special among the life forms of the planet.

There are those who think that the most important difference between humans and lower life forms is the ability to think and contemplate its own existence and that of the world around it.

Lower animals are driven by genetically derived instincts such as the instinct to reproduce as much and as often as possible. Most civilized human beings are able to subordinate these kinds of instincts to practical needs and desires through his intellectual reasoning powers. The vast majority of civilized sex is strictly for fun and not for reproduction.

If the human intellect is the major difference between humans and lower animals, it seems to be inconsistent with reasoning logic that humans are denied the right to determine when, where and how their lives should end.

Just what is the objection to suicide?

Jack K9ACT

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Statue of Liberty, A Gift or a Plague

The Statue of Liberty was given to Americans by the French government in 1886 as a token of friendship between the two countries. The statue was to symbolize America’s hard won freedom and liberty.

However, as a result of a propaganda campaign by immigrant lobbyists, most Americans have come to think that the statue represents some sort of inalienable commitment to an open door, immigration policy.

The truth is that in 1926, Emma Lazarus successfully lobbied to get her now famous lines added to the statue. The result is that every time the idea of limiting immigration is brought up, these lines are quoted and the subject dropped as just plain un-American.

Most of us know the first few lines of her poem but when we hear them all, they take on a rather different complexion, particularly in light of the present over-populated and under-skilled society in America today.


I say, we have enough of our own wretched refuse; we don’t need anymore. It’s time to take down the help wanted sign.

And those are the thoughts of K9ACT

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Right to Vote, Civic Duty or a Waste of Time

We have learned from childhood that voting is not only a hard won privilege, but a civic duty, an obligation that we must perform or else.

Eyebrows rise and people snort when I tell them that I have voted twice in my life and probably never will again.

The first time was for JFK because I had just turned 21 and was properly brainwashed to believe it was my duty and also because he was a Catholic which seemed important at that time.

It didn't take me long to realize that both reasons were pretty dumb. Furthermore, the more I delved into politics and public affairs, the more obvious it became that it made little difference who won. They all said what they had to, to get elected and did what they had to, to stay elected and the latter rarely coincided with what I had in mind.

In spite of the fact that I am pretty much of a news junkie and follow politics rigorously, I simply did not bother to vote again until Ross Perot came along. Finally, a man who seemed to have the courage of his convictions not to mention the money to do it on his own, if necessary.

Well, the media did what it usually does to third party candidates and treated him like a leper to the extent that they even refused to run his self-funded ads.

He lost and so , I think, did the country but this just hardened my conviction that voting is a waste of time.

So what happens if nobody votes? I sneak in at the last minute and vote for myself. Or better yet, no one gets elected so no one can raise our taxes.


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